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Business Brisk During and After Baltimore Show

As a city that is within driving distance for many, Baltimore is routinely well attended by collectors.   We always enjoy visiting with the many who attend.  In fact, some are almost like family as we have such great long-term relationships with them.  As we always say, relationships are the key to our success.  While attending conventions such as the one last week are important from the aspect of buying and selling, they are just as important for building and maintaining relationships with collectors and dealers alike.   While at a typical show, we look through many thousands of coins to come home with 50-100 select items.  This would never be enough for us to successfully run our business.  Most of our inventory is purchased back at the office from our collector base.  Another substantial percentage is received from our dealer contacts between shows.  Since we've been back in the office this week, we have gotten several boxes of fantastic coins, far more than we were able to acquire in Baltimore.
As we will be posting 25 or so new coins daily, check our inventory page often between now and early next week.  We have a bit of something for everyone.  Also, don't forget to update those want lists.  We were very successful in filling want lists in Baltimore, but as is often the case, some of the items wouldn't have made it into our inventory.  For example, one want list item was a rare date AU $10 Liberty, which is outside of what we usually handle.
As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a huge THANKS to all of you who make our jobs so rewarding by allowing us to handle some of the nicest rare coins on the planet.   We will continue to work hard to deserve your business and trust by finding fabulous coins at fair prices and ALWAYS buying back what we sell.
May you and your family have a fantastic Thanksgiving and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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