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Central States--The Cities They Ain’t A-Changin’

The C.S.N.S. 2014 Convention marked the 75th anniversary of the show.  Unfortunately, it has not continued to improve with age.  Up until the last few years, it held the honor of our third best show of the year, following behind only the summer ANA and FUN.  The show used to travel to a number of cities in the Midwest. But recent shows have been scheduled in “Chicago” or more accurately Schaumburg.


While the Schaumburg facilities are fabulous and the CSNS Staff works hard and does an excellent job overall, the increasing number of shows hosted in either Rosemont or Schaumburg (both advertised as Chicago) has taken its toll on the collector public.  Floor traffic was slow the entire week.  Dealer business was fairly good, albeit not robust.  When the public was admitted on Thursday there was a microscopic buzz in the room, but nothing like we’ve been conditioned to expect.  I guess our expectations have finally been taken down a notch or two.  We were disappointed to learn that the C.S.N.S. is under contract to remain in Schaumburg for the next three years.  We certainly hope they to go back to their former policy of moving the show to different locales each year.  Dealers and collectors alike will thank them.


The overall numismatic market remains healthy, and our business back at the office has been brisk.  While we didn’t find a huge quantity of special coins to purchase at last week’s event, we always manage to scout out more than our fair share.  In addition to our show purchases, we have recently acquired some fabulous coins from our collector base, including a number of fantastic Proof Walking Liberty half dollars in high-grade.  Two new, very exciting collections will also be announced next week, so stay tuned.  As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

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